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     Rebuilding is a solution for vintage car lovers who like exclusiveness. An old vehicle may be a perfect investment as well.  The fact is that an old car does not create value itself. Its value is achieved if a car is rebuilt thoroughly by processing or replacing worn-out and rusted parts. There are many processes to be carried out in order to rebuild a car properly:

  • Vehicle disassembling;

  • Sandblasting;

  • Welding;

  • Production of a replica while maintaining authenticity of a part impossible to rebuild;

  • Epoxy primer finishing;

  • Repainting;

  • Anticorrosive coating;

  • Engine restoration;

  • Interior rebuilding;

  • Parts rechrome.



      Bodywork rebuilding is the most complex work requiring the most time and effort. In many cases external repainting is insufficient.


     There is a lot of work to be done when rebuilding interior accessories of interior: re-stitching or replacement of seats, door upholstery, ceiling and floor carpeting; rebuilding of a steering wheel, panel and other interior accessories as well as evaluation of device functioning and their repair.

     We repair engines and chassis, check all components accurately and repair, rebuild or replace them, if necessary. Thus the entire process of rebuilding covers many different processes requiring a lot of thorough work and devotion.

     "Retroshtern", UAB provides rebuilding services and can revive your vehicle or a separate part of it. All the required work is carried out by experienced technicians who are using modern equipment.

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